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Practice Range Monday - Week 7

As promised in Week 5 I have three simple yet incredibly useful putting drills.

We use these drill and many more in our famous Trackman & Wellputt putting Workshops.

All you need is your putter, balls, alignment stick and some sunshine.

This is the third and last drill.

Please read Week 5 and 6 for the first two drills.

3. Reading Greens

Best done when the shadows are at their longest.

Every putt is a straight putt.............repeat after me EVERY PUTT IS A STRAIGHT PUTT.

To many people get caught in looking at the hole and not trusting their initial read when standing over the ball.

Place an alignment stick in the ground and tilt the stick until you have a line to the hole you are happy with. In the first picture above the putt was slightly uphill and right to left. As you can see the shadow created by the stick is creating a launch direction just outside the right lip.

You can use this in the opposite direction as well. putting towards the alignment stick as shown in the picture left. Place the stick in order to help you get your launch direction and a feel for the speed. This was a downhill left to right putt. We had the stick well left and short of the hole.

This drill help you expand on and reinforce on the launch direction and speed drills. Reading greens are so important and if you work these three simple drill I guarantee your putting will improve.

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