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Practice Range Monday - Week 8

What is club path, this is a question I get asked all the time.

This is often mixed up with swing direction. Or they assumed to be the same.

We use Trackman for all our lessons when required and I will use it's terminology.

No matter the device you use or have been exposed to they all track a variety of different swing parameters.

The one in question and the reason for the post is path.

It shows how the club head is travelling at impact and is represented in degrees.

Path is a combination of two parameters the horizontal and vertical movement of the club head.

For a positive club path number, the path is right. (As below)

For a negative club path number, the path is left.

For a zero club path number, the path is neutral(on the target line)

People often mix this with swing direction.

Swing direction forms part of the path number along with angle of attack.

The two movements horizontal and vertical influence the path number.

The more a club head moves down through impact the more it moves right, and the move the club head moves up through impact the more it moves left.

you can experience this by playing around with different ball positions and how is effects path! you will also notice differing swing direction and angle of attack.

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