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practice Range Monday - Week 9

The curse of too much information and the need for instant gratification.

Information is out there on just about every topic you could imagine and golf has absolutely not been left behind.....UNFORTUNATELY.

You can't try everything, if you Youtube/Google a topic say, "I am hitting a slice how can I fix it?"

A lot of differing information is going to come up from grip changes to alignment. So you implement a change or two and you trade a slice for a hook and the process starts all over again.

Stop trading "information" for actually getting measurable education and coaching.

Find a Pro and start with a long term permanent fix for your game.

Set goals with your Pro and take some proper accountability.

Ditch the endless cycle of Youtube, quick fixes, Instagram, quick fixes, tips, quick fixes, Youtube................... you see the pattern?

Saving yourself a lot of time and confusion. I have coached clients over the years who were about to give the game up due to been stuck in this never ending and never helping loop.

I am not saying there is not good information out there it just may not be relevant to the mistakes you are making.

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