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Practice Range Monday - Week 6

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

As promised in Week 5 I have three simple yet incredibly useful putting drills.

We use these drill and many more in our famous Trackman & Wellputt putting Workshops.

All you need is your putter, balls, alignment stick and some sunshine.

This is the second drill in a series of three I will be sharing.

Please read Week 5 for the first drill.

2. Speed Control

Best done when the shadows are at their longest.

Place an alignment stick in the ground on the flattest part of your practice green, this creates a shadow to which you can practice your speed control. The idea it have the ball stop on the line or just past it.

Create three stations by placing balls three feet, six feet and nine feet away. This is a fantastic way to develop your feel and speed control when putting.

Swap sides and repeat.

You can also place it on a slope in order to practice downhill and uphill speed control.


Look out next week for drill 3.

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