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Q & A Friday - Week 3

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

I apologise for the delay in posting this one. Gremlins in my machine are to blame.

Claudine Taylor - South Africa

My twins are four years old, what is a good age for them to start lessons?

Great question Claudine, our juniors start age four.

We have over the years taken one or two a little younger than that, it all depend son the child in question.

We have group based and private lesson options for them.

All our junior lesson have been designed to cater for all levels of player and we deliver the lessons in such a way that we keep it both informative and fun at the same time. We have a grading player system to help get your child into the best suited group or lesson structure.

We often get asked are group lessons best and will my child learn anything.

We don't teach groups we teach individuals within a group. Thats the big difference, we don't blueprint a method and have the copy and paste mentality.

Claudine once the Covid-19 drama has moved on I invite you to bring them through for one of our free assessment sessions. We can then plan accordingly.

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