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Q & A Friday - Week 4

Olivia Tremblay - Canada

My sister had some lessons with you in 2019, I was wondering if you offer virtual coaching?

Hi Olivia,

I hope Addison is doing well.

I do have online lessons as a coaching option all the information can be found on the site.

please click on the link below.

As for virtual coaching or live workshops, this is a work in progress for us and should be coming in early 2021.

Bokamoso Maseko - South Africa

My friends and I want to learn how to play golf, how do we start?

Hi Bokamoso,

Great question!

I would recommend our ladies group classes.

This is a eight week program and we cover all the basics of golf.

We supply all the equipment and you access to world class practice facilities and driving range.

It is one of our most popular offering for beginners.

R2000.00 per person (PAX 6)

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