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Q & A Friday - Week 2

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

A great question came up this week.

Xavier Gomez - Argentina

You gave me lessons more than a decade ago, has your coaching changed?

Hi Xavier,

It's been great catching up and I am happy to read you achieved your goals.

Xavier my coaching has evolved over the years, as I have taught more clients and been exposed to more technologies my approach or beliefs have been tested. I still feel I have the same core values but the like of Trackman and K-vest just completely transform the way we all coach and will continue to coach in the future. I definitely have more tech at my disposal than when we worked together in 2008.

My biggest changes I believe have been influenced by Trackman. The data it produces is incredible and I am very luck we have them on property and to the benefit of all our clients. It makes the learning process easier and therefor changes happen a lot quicker. We are globally seeing a change in controlling the clubface more through the swing by keeping it quieter in its movement. With clubface been responsible on average for 75% of the ball flights starting direction as opposed to the old thought of the ball starting on the swing path.

The way in which I coach putting has also dramatically developed and changed over the years and through a lot of trail, error and learning we have developed some of our own unique ways in which we approach coaching of putting.

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