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Worldly Wednesday - Week 1

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Coronavirus Relief Match - Tiger VS Phil has become something else.

Peyton Manning and Tom Brady join the charity golf showdown.

Golf will undoubtedly need a kick start once Coronavirus measure relax and we move into a world of "new normal" no date has been set just yet but the trash talk has..... yeeha!

The match announced but with no particulars just yet such as course, date or format has many a golfing fan getting a worked up. The event still needs to be approved by the PGA Tour.

Tiger lost the charity match in Las Vegas in 2018 and will no doubt be looking for some redemption.

The event will be used as a fundraiser for Coronavirus pandemic relief efforts.

"We're coming together to help other people," Woods was quoted saying.

"We're coming together to showcase golf in a different way, but it's about charity. That's the reason why we're all doing this."

This will be a grand event and a must watch, as more information becomes available I will post updates.

Phil Mickelson tweeted "After feeling the sting of defeat the first time around, looks like @TigerWoods is bringing a ringer to The Match (#PeytonManning),"


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