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What is the best coaching tip I have been given.

Clients often ask me this question. It is a really difficult one to answer as well.

I have a few stand outs which I will share with you in this posting.

Lloyd Caister - PGA Professional

Tip: If it is working leave it alone

If a client is happy with a part of his game and it is working really well just leave it alone.

If a client comes in for a swing lesson and is happy with it during the chat down to the range, pick a different lesson for the day - go chipping instead.

This could not be more true or prove more useful during my coaching career and I believe a lot of clients can learn from this as well.

Wayne Hugo - PGA Professional

Tip: DO NOT be ball flight bias

Don't be a PGA coaching book, that's not your job.

Everyone is different and everyone is looking for something different and working to their own specific goals and ideas. Your job is to help them do that.

It is easy to copy and paste and be a method teacher, but in reality everyone is different. Clients often ask or want to hit the draw because the have been told or believe its best. My job is to challenge that idea, and pave the way forward.

Ian Blackie - My Dad

Tip: Love golf and don't get angry on the course

If you get angry on the course the game has beaten you that day.

Breathe, think, execute and repeat.

So many clients get caught up on the perfect game or not wanting to three putt and many a rounds are down the drain after just the first hole, because some plan has not played out as thought. Get out of your own way!

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