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Tech Tuesday - Week 2

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Lots and lots of sole.

The best golf shoe on the market for 2020 is not a one of the big boys.

Not a FJ, Nike or Adidas but a new kid who has kicked them all aside.

TRUE Knit are the guys right now!

Haven't heard of them yet, then read on. The company's primary MO focuses on making comfortable golf shoes and let me tell

you they are really comfy. This is one of the best shoes we have ever slipped our feet into and they are extremely light, flexible, water repellent, ultra breathable, awesome traction and of course one piece. Our favorite bit is they designed for an easy transition from on the course to off the course. A kind of two in one.

I got these beauties earlier in the year as a gift and I haven't taken them off since. The ultimate summer shoe to be honest.

Below is an insert from their site

"The Build: The TRUE water repellent treatment will keep your feet dryer on those dewy mornings, as water will bead up on the outer shell of the shoe like magic. No, the Knit is not waterproof, but the shell will not absorb water and the breeze will literally glide through the shoe keeping your feet dry and comfortable on even the warmest days. The one piece TRUEknit upper is designed to stretch and flex where it should, but be stable and strong where golfers need it most. The combination of EVA midsole, premium and bouncy PU insert and cross-life gum rubber tread will have you feeling like you're walking on the clouds. Trust us, these things are the Knit."

Keep a look out for these at your closest retailer. They are worth every penny.

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