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Tech Tuesday - Week 9

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

The smart range is the new range.

There are a lot more smart/tech offers when it comes to range experiences!

I just need to say the name TopGolf and 90% of all golfers would know what I am talking about. Trackman, Foresight are all hitting it up when it comes to this type of range experience.

With simulation golf on a global increase this seems to fit in perfectly right now.

A company on the up and up is Inrange Golf, let's have a look at what and why they do it.

Inrange have a footprint across the globe from The Leadbetter Golf Academy in the USA to Greenwich Peninsula in the UK, they seem to have the finger on the pulse as to what it means to golf and have fun while while doing it.

They stand by their 5 principles:

1 - progression through fun (we like this)

2 - golf is for everyone (now we talking)

3 - partner not product

4 - magical simplicity (we love this)

5 - technical perfection (need we say more)

Have a look at their site and keep your eyes out for a Inrange experience near you.

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