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Tech Tuesday - Week 1

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

The new Mevo+ by FlightScope

I continue to get asked questions about the Mevo and with the + offering a simulation solution that is compatible with your software of choice. it is starting to gather some serious traction. So what do we get from the Mevo+ and is it worth the hype............lets look!

Simulation software:

·E6 connect golf simulation software

·Play real courses - comes with five course options

·Golf Club software subscription allows for additional courses and games

Data parameters:

Sixteen swing and ball parameters, eight more than the standard Mevo.

·Carry Distance

·Club Head Speed

·Ball Speed

·Smash Factor

·Spin Rate

·Angle of Attack

·Spin Axis

·Spin Loft

·Horizontal Launch Angle

·Vertical Launch Angle

·Lateral Landing

·Total Distance

·Roll Distance

·Apex Height

·Flight Time

·Shot Shape

It seems the Mevo+ ticks a lot of boxes. The price point in South Africa is about R+9000.00

You get a lot from this little guy.





·Indoor & Outdoor compatible

·Data & progress tracking


·No clubface data

·No club path data

·Golf club subscription required for additional courses

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