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Golf & Covid-19

Covid-19 hit the globe without much warning, and what an impact this virus has had.

We will only truly know the impact in many years time.

From a personal perspective its clear that it has brought golf lessons to a grinding holt, and the normal day interactions have changed.

We decided to open our door in a different manner to help our clients and the world for that matter still get their daily does of golf.

We have extended our online offer to more than just Randpark Club Members.

Please look through our site and the exciting editions we have made.

BUT....................below is some best practice in dealing with Covid-19 from the PGA of South Africa.

For the golfer:

• Skip the locker room.

• Keep hand sanitizer or something similar in your golf bag.

• Practice social distancing.

• Wipe down golf cart and golf bag handles.

• Leave the cell phone in the golf bag and do not place within golf cart.

For the Golf Club:

• Welcome the golfer to the facility with some hand sanitizer.

• Implement increased sanitation measures across the facility.

• Ensure tables are more spread out to allow for the required space between people.

• No self-service meals.

• The biggest risk times are before and after the round of golf and therefore other methods of food and drink distribution should be considered.

For the PGA Teaching Professional:

• Communicate with your database.

• Implement and share some guide points for your students.

• Do away with group coaching for a period.

• Ensure any equipment suitably sanitized.

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