We lucky in sunny South Africa as I can pretty much use this drill everyday.

Best done when the shadows are at their longest.

Place an alignment stick in the ground on the flattest part of your practice green and get immediate alignment assistance and the opportunity to practice your launch direction.


Make as many putts as it takes until you can start the ball and get it to roll on the shadow line created by the alignment stick. 


Place three balls in a row along the same line at equal distances. 
Start with 3, 6, and 9 feet.  


Roll putts starting from the ball closest to the hole and moving outward.

Do this ten times in a row from the same spot and then move on.


Are you sure you square?

A lot of players think they are unlucky or have poor putting strokes.

This may not be the case at all. Take your wellstroke to the putting green for every practice session or alignment sticks to make sure you are square at all times.


Take two rubber bands, warp each one and place around the putter’s face. 

Leave the center of the club face and sweet spot exposed! Hit putts so you do not hit the rubber bands. As you improve, tighten up the spacing of the bands. 

This drill will improve you making center contact which is essential for speed and distance control.


You need two alignment sticks, your putter and half a dozen balls.


Read the putt.
Place the first alignment stick parallel to the direction you wanting to start the ball on.

This stick will help keep you body well aligned and club face square.
Place the second stick perpendicular to the first alignment stick.


This stick will help you get the correct ball position. Club face will sit in the middle of the stance and align with the stick.

Ball position will sit either side of the club face depending if you left or right-handed.
Make a few putts and adjust if required. 

This is a great drill for stoke and launch direction practice.


Pull a King of Hearts from a deck of cards and place it on the floor 6 feet away from you.


Putt the ball with enough speed that it stops on top of the king of hearts.
This is a challenging drill that will improve your putting distance control. 

Its been known to stress the best of putters, JOKER please!


Sink those short putts. Practice smartly from short range. The clock drill is excellent reinforcement.

Begin by placing four balls aound the hole at clock positions three, six, nine and 12.

The goal is to make twelve in a row. If you miss any putt, then go back to the beginning and start over.
Start at three feet and move outwards.


One of the best ways to practice putting at home is simply working on your control of the club face.

Put a golf tee on the ground so that it’s upside down.

Starting 3 feet away, putt a ball to the tee trying to knock it over. Then move back to 6 feet, 9 feet, and so on. Try to work your way back further and further.

You develop amazing feel and become very aware of how the ball leaves the club face, due to the small target.


Putting drill for home.

Get a metal/carbon meter stick and place it six feet away from the hole, align the stick to the line where you want the ball to start (launch direction) when leaving the club face.  

Set your ball up and hit a few putts. If you can keep the ball on the stick the whole way, it suggests your club face was square at impact with good roll.


You can also use your Wellputt mat.


Using your Wellputt Start mat, we have come up with a great drill to help you control your speed.

Putt a ball from each station, then putt two balls from each station and finally sink three putts from each station if you miss the hole or good zone you start again. The goal is 9 in a row.


This can easily be setup at home or at your nearest practice facility.


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