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Worldly Wednesday - Week 3

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

The planet is missing golf!

With Covid-19 continuing to have its thumb all over golf we have yet to see a return for any of the tours yet.

The LPGA have come out saying there will be no Q-School come the end of the year and that all players will hold the same status. Its fair absolutely, but you gotta feel for those who are waiting for Q-School, a year's longer wait is a long time.

The PGA tour is planning a come back in June at Colonial.

The European tour is looking at a likely restart at the British Masters starting 30 July.

All tournaments will be played without the fans, and I'm guessing for the rest of the year.

The Majors are looking to get a possible reshuffle.

The Masters has a date set starting 12 November, a winter played Masters will be different to say the least.

What is all comes down to is the public is really missing golf and the big way and here is the proof.

Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning’s charity match is most-viewed golf telecast in TV history. Wow what?

It was a great showpiece, the golf was great, the banter even better. Golf was a big winner but the charity cause and relief for Covid-19 even more so.

So we don't know just yet what golf we are going to go back to, but I know one thing all my clients can not wait for us to get back into it.

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