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Throwback Thursday - Week 4

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Evergreen classic - Ben Hogan's Five Lessons

The first book I ever read from start to finish, I have read this book countless times.

I have a few copies and often pass them on to my clients for a read.

All I ever wanted to be for as long as I can remember was to be a professional golfer.

Hogan's book said it was possible, that anyone could improve their game.

So I practiced, I played, I applied myself, I was patient and worked as intelligently as my young brain could possibly work.

This book was my bible and still continues to this day to be in my back pocket.

Most of my younger clients don't even know the name Ben Hogan, or I get a comment like "is that the guy who makes clubs?"

A book beautifully written and illustrated from one on the games greatest players is a must read.

Ben Hogan believed that any golfer of average coordination can learn to break 80.

A person needs to simply apply themselves patiently and intelligently. Hogan's book revealed his mind and techniques. That anyone can learn how to make their game work from tee to green, step-by-step and stroke-by-stroke.

Fundamentals are fundamentals and basics are basics all great golf start with the Five.

A must read regardless of who you are as a golfer. One of the best sellers and that is no surprise!

Now available as a download or for kindle there is no excuse not to have this in your back pocket. Have a look at our amazon golf shop for the link, enjoy the read.

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