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Throwback Thursday - Week 2

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Two ball or not to ball – a look at the history of the Odyssey 2-ball putter

In 2001 the original 2-Ball putter was released on the world and the model set the golfing world alight.

Like the Ping anser changed putting design so did the 2-Ball. All the large, geometric and bold crown alignment putters on the market today have been inspired by the 2-Ball. The idea behind the design was for visual alignment in a different way. The white discs on the crown mimic golf balls so when placed behind the ball you get three balls lined up in a row. Suddenly there was a different option on the market and the amateurs soaked this putter as it delivered effective and simple alignment. I used the original 2-Ball for three years and I still have that putter in my coaching bag.

Below are some of the Pros and Cons associated with the original 2-Ball in an article I still have from its debut in 2001.


· Easy and effective alignment

· Pendulum motion easier to feel with weight of the mallet head

· Urethane insert


· Golfers don’t like oversized mallet putter heads (How the world has changed)

· Push to the right tendencies (It changed the way we look at putting today)

· Takes a lot of space in the bag (Really!)

Odyssey had these key product descriptions:

Large mallet head double the size of most heads on the market. Two white discs for alignment making it appear as if three balls are in a row. Weighting in the rear of head helps reduce backspin.

What a putter and industry pioneer, there have been multiple copies over the years, with bolder and bigger heads than the 2-Ball hitting the market every year. The true testament to a true industry giant. Odyssey have launched a version of their original 2-Ball every season since its debut. The latest one with Triple Track alignment have pulled amazing reviews and once again brought the 2-Ball to the forefront. Click on the picture for the link.

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