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Practice Range Monday - Week 3

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

With much of the country been unable to practice and play golf in South Africa due to lockdown, when we do return to the best game ever your game may be very different.

We have a few ways to help ease you back into playing your best:

  1. A loss of feel - take your time when getting back into the swing of things. Don't jump straight into that driver as much as you may have been missing the BIG DOG. Don't expect to hit any club as far as you did before. Work with the thought of quality over quantity.

  2. Ouch - your hands will have softened a bit, your body will be a little tighter and not as used to the movements. Make a point to warm up before you practice/play. Don't hit a million balls a blister, strain and muscle aches will just set you back a couple of days, a lockdown has been long enough on the side lines.

  3. Opportunity - you have a chance to work on improving the worst part of your game. You haven't played or practiced so your bad habit hasn't continually been ingrained, book a lesson with your local PGA Professional to help you fix it.

  4. Spend a week - Yip a entire week working on your short game. Putting, chipping, pitching and bunker play all need great feel to go with the basic fundamentals. The feel for game is often the first part of the game to go.

  5. Clean slate - There are so many Apps on the market and ways to keep stats there is no excuse. We are big on stats and understanding your game at Blackbird-Golf. You will pick up after just a few games some of the short comings in your game. It is a great habit to get into.

  6. Blinkers off - take a candid look at what is in your bag and the other pieces that make up your golfing game. You may love that old trusty 5 wood, ten year old pair of FJ's or swear by the noodle golf ball...... yes i said noodle. Give yourself a chance to give something new a try, a lot of retailers will have some amazing deals coming out of lockdown. have a look at our Amazon store for some of our favorites.

  7. Enjoy the sunshine - Breathe the fresh air and be grateful you are back on the fairways.

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