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Practice Range Monday - Week 2

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Welcome to week 2 of the Practice Range.

I apologise for the delay in posting. Gremlins in my machine are to blame.

Practice drill for the week: Three ball landing drill

This drill is designed to help you better understand land point when it comes to chipping VS the amount of roll once the ball lands.

A few weeks ago we covered the basics of chipping ball flights and the feedback since that live posting has been immense. What has popped up often is how can I practice my distance control. This drill helps you focus in on that.

You need:

Wedges, three different coloured balls and a practice balls.


Pick a hole on your practice chipping green that is about eight meters onto the green. (on a flat area as much as possible)

Put your practice balls down about two meters from the fringe.

Then place your first coloured ball down roughly 25% of the distance to the hole, the second coloured ball down at 50% of the distance and the last coloured ball down at 75% of the distance to the hole.

Start with one of your lower lofted wedges and try land at the ball closest to you. Making note as to how far the ball rolls out to the target, you may need to adjust your landing spot to get the ball finishing close. Then move onto the second ball and pick a wedge with more loft. Make note as to how far the ball rolls out to the target. Then move onto the ball furthest from you and play to it with the most lofted wedge you have. Again make note as to how far the ball rolls out.

This drill is all about loft and land point.

A lower lofted wedge you would land closer to you as you would expect more roll, a higher lofted club you would land furthest from you and you would expect less roll.

With your focus been landing point to the hole you achieve the following:

1. Distance control

2. Roll VS flight

3. That you have more than one option when it comes to chipping to a hole.

4. Which one works best from a certain spot. (this will help you pick the right one to play on course)

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