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Practice Range Monday - Week 10

Playing your best in the rain - MUST HAVES.

With all the rain that has swamped the courses in Johannesburg over the past two weeks, here are my must haves for golf in the rain.

  • Rain Jacket

The best rain jackets do not always provide the best functionality when it comes to golf. I cant recommend how important a golf waterproof is the way to go. They keep you protected without restricting movement. Foot Joy may be the best in the business in this regard. Expensive yes, but they last a very long time and a small price to pay to keep you dry and warm. My favorite

  • Umbrella

We have all had a rubbish umbrella, the wind picks up and the umbrella turns into some sort of foldable sea creature. A quality golf umbrella will keep you and your equipment protected from the elements. I have a fantastic Callaway one in my bag at the moment with its large canopy, and double layers to help air flow through.

  • Grips

Some are better than others, keep them as dry the best you can and you should be fine.

This is where a bag cover hood comes into play. A little grip control solution works well. I use dry hands.

  • Gloves

We should always have a couple in the bag and this goes for a weather glove as well. Some work the better the wetter they are.

  • Footwear

This is a must have I believe regardless of weather conditions, you don't know when that foot may need to visit some water. With so many choices out there I am a big fan of Foot Joy and Nike.

  • Towels

Pack as many as you can carry.

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And the bad news? There’s rain in the forecast for almost the whole week at Augusta. Now, rain at the Masters is generally a bad thing (and not only for the white garment-clad caddies). For one thing, it’s the one tournament a year where fans yearn to see the colors and pigments in their finest light, and generally that means with shadows and sunlight. best waterproof golf shoes

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