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Practice Range Monday - Week 1

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Welcome to week 1 of the Practice Range.

Practice drill for the week: The 2 foot stick

This drill is designed to help you build confidence around the greens for those important three, six and nine foot putts out on the course.

We believe a well struck putt that would finish past the hole by two feet will resist slopes better and give you a better chance of sinking putts.

Many of our clients look to have the ball just fall into the hole. When I ask their thoughts one thing constantly pops up. They are worried about the next putt the problem with this is two fold, one they are not looking to sink the putt and therefore the length and line would most likely be incorrect. This leads into the second issue not been committed.

You need:

Putter, alignment stick, six balls and three golf tees.


Lay an alignment stick two feet behind the hole running lengthwise from left to right.

Then working back from the cup put a tee in the ground at three, six and nine foot intervals.

Start at the three foot tee and hit six putts, the goal is for the ball to roll up to the alignment stick behind the hole if it misses. The focus is not on the hole. You repeat this at the six and nine foot tees.

With your focus been behind the hole you achieve three things:

1. Always giving the ball a chance of getting to the hole.

2. Committed putting stroke.

3. You take away hole anxiety.

Practiced this drill once a week and you will see a remarkable change in your putting confidence. This drill can be executed at home using a Wellputt start or 4M pro mat.

Instead of the alignment stick you looking to land in the good zone.

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