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Putting Practice Makes Perfect Golf: Stats to think about

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Lag putting and long range practice is so over looked these days. The ability to get those long putts into a hole-able range is so important. You may ask what is a hole-able range?

The PGA Tour stats suggest the following and considering the best in the world form this stat, makes it something to think about.

PGA Tour averages:

PGA Tour Putting Average — makes from 3 feet: 99.42%

PGA Tour Putting Average — makes from 6 feet: 70.98%

PGA Tour Putting Average — 3 Putt Avoidance >25′: 91.71%

The ability to control your speed becomes a primary factor in having less three putts on the course, we are all going to have putts outside of 15 and 25 feet, its your speed control to get those putts to within three feet that will help eliminate a large number of three putts.

The best in the world sink nearly thirty percent more putts from 3 feet as apposed to 6 feet.

When they are outside of 25 feet they are able to avoid a three putts 91.71%, how simply by getting those lag putts within three feet!

Look out for our next Trackman putting workshop in our events page to help you Master, Understand and Explore your speed control.

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